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Potluri Hari Krishna is a poet, Writer, editor, chairman and mostly popularly known to everyone as a president of Telugu Rakshana Vedika (Official Wing of Telugu Desam Party)

Interest in the arts and culture from his childhood made him to create a path as a poet. His poetry includes imitating childhood, life of human, folk culture and inspirational and motivational lyrics. Creation of ideas in his words, lot of amenities in his poetry makes him unique as a poet.


A thought of necessity in the development of language, literature, arts and culture and by taking them at the closest to the people made him in the establishment of “Telugu Paluku”, a monthly magazine in 2009.“Telugu Paluku” acts a major role in publishing poetry, articles, language history and legends which motivates the people in getting to know the missing literature, arts and culture. “Telugu Paluku” also encourages the new talentees by publishing their poetry and articles.


Started his career as a marketing executive in the age of 20, until now he never stopped running or chasing in the betterment of in and around. Growing up as a Chairman for the company LIFE INDIA MARKETING was not an easy thing happened in his life but which showed him as a successful person in his life.


Globalisation and Computerisation made ourself to expose to other knowledge which made us to enlighten. No doubt in this, but where does we stand when thinking about promoting or developing our literature, arts and cultural values. Telugu Rakshana Vedika was born from those thoughts to develop telugu language, literature, arts and culture and making it live through the most possible ways by conducting awareness camps and pressurizing the government to make the changes such that it reaches to the public by introducing telugu language as a part of education and also making it as a local government language.

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